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Thread: Need some help identifying

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    Default Need some help identifying

    It seems like every couple mins or so the whole 2.4 range gets blasted. Around channel 11 its not so bad.
    Any ideas what this might be?

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    Here is another screenshot

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is best to post the capture file for analysis rather than screen shots. That said, I don't see anything unusual in the screen shots. There is a low level of background noise. I believe what you are seeing is some band saturation due to the number of overlapping AP's. The wave forms are consistent with wi-fi and bluetooth.

    Are there specific issues?
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    We have some terrible ping times on all devices through channels 1-6 and occasionally 11. This specific business has a ton of wireless around in the area and I'm thinking its just something they will have to deal with. Channel 11 seems to be the best.

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    I suggest that you consider moving to the 5 GHz band.
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    I wish we could move to the 5ghz but we can't. I'll see if I can upload a recording, it just seems like something on channel 1 is bleeding over to the whole 2.4ghz on different intervals. Take a look at this screenshot

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    The signal on channel 1 looks normal. There are other AP's overlapping the entire 2.4 GHz band. Ping times are related to congestion on the channel as well as noise levels. In your environment a noise floor of -80 dBm seems to be nominal.

    AP's that are on the same channel are understood and cooperate with each other.
    Whereas AP's on adjacent channels are not understood and are considered as noise.

    Keep in mind that wifi does not act like a switch. It acts like a hub where each transmission must wait until the channel is clear. Congestion is a major factor contributing to low throughput.

    If you are part of the TWC network, some channel management will help to alleviate the overlapping channel situation by moving AP's to either channel 1, 6 or 11.
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    attached the recording

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    There are 31 different networks competing for airtime. I'm surprised that you are getting any throughput at all.
    Simply put, there is too much congestion in your location. either live with the situation of move to the 5 GHz band.
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    Figured it out...The business either has a faulty wireless Cisco ea4500 or its doing some kind of rogue ap management and killing off our wireless. Unplugged the cisco and the overwhelming traffic stopped. It's up to their IT to figure out whats going on with the Cisco now. I had a feeling the utilization was way too high.


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