Please can somebody help?
Ive had my TL-WPA281 (Version 3) for 4 months now and still cannot get it to boost my wi-fi around the home. I can only use it as a wired ethernet port when connected to my other powerline plugs (TL-PA211KIT).
Ive tried both "hassle free" connection procedures, the wi-fi clone button and also the pair button and all the correct lights flash but I get a worse wi-fi signal than if I turn it off.
Im using a Linksys WAG320N Router which is connected to my TL-PA211 powerline kit by ethernet cable to my PC upstairs. I need the TL-WPA281 to boost the wi-fi signal in certain parts of the house for mobile devices. When I use the insidder application to view the local wi-fi signals I can see both my router and the TL-WPA281 signals but I cannot seem to connect to the stronger signal even the the SSID and passwords are the same. There seems to be some setting that is conflicting. If into the settings of my devices its quickly loses the internet connection and i then have to configure my router from scratch.
Im at the point of returning the device.