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Thread: Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer 5 / inSSIDer on Microsoft Surface?

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    Default Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer 5 / inSSIDer on Microsoft Surface?

    Are these programs compatible with the Microsoft Surface?


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    The short answer is yes as long as the operating system is Windows 8 or above and not Windows RT.
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    Default Chanalyzer 5 and windows 10

    Can somebody confirm if chanalyzer works on a surface pro gen 1?

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    I don't know about the Surface Pro hardware, but Chanalyzer 5 + WiSpy works well on my 6 year old notebook running Windows 10. You will most likely need a keyboard.
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    I have been using a Surface Pro 3 (upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit) with Wi-Spy DBx and Chanalyzer 5 and it works.

    The only thing I've noticed is, that when using the clip and hanging the Wi-Spy on the SP3 (landscape-mode and top right), it seems that interference (in dBm) looks "lower" than when standing in the same spot almost at the same time (minutes between) with a Lenovo ThinkPad T440 and hanging the Wi-Spy in it's clip on the top right part of the screen. But it still works and can find interfereres like alarms on channel 1 etc.


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