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    I am working on a project where I am seeing interference that spans the 2.4Ghz band. When the interference is present, iOS devices are having trouble with airplay (Choppy audio and the density graph really lights up on the AP channel). The interference appears to be intermittent. I will see it for 30 seconds or so and then it stops. I am at a loss due to the wide frequency disruption. Normally a problem transmitter is much narrower than what I see here. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    What is Fleming, mac = 2a:4a:3c:95:2f:3d?

    I see six signals. Two of them are centered on channel 6 that totally cover the area of highest utilization. The signal of highest utilization appears to be similar to an OFDM wave form.
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    That MAC is a Ubiquity UAP-Outdoor + AP that my iPhone is air playing to. When the broad interference shows up from channel 2 to 14, the activity on that AP also dramatically increases. I believe my phone is re-transmitting quite a bit during this time. I don't have omnipeek so I am guessing that is what happens but when the other interference goes away, the activity on that AP settles down too.

    I have a total of 11 AP's in the project (large residence). 3 are outdoor AP's, the rest are Ubiquity UAP-PRO's and the power is turned down on them. Everything is spread between channels 1,6,11.

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    The noise floor is quite low. Look at the % utilization. It appears that the bandwidth centered on channel 6 is over utilized. This will cause the symptoms you describe. I suggest that you move the high utilization AP from channel 6 to channel 11 to see how the graphs move and if the symptoms are mitigated.
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