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Thread: DBx "Unknown device."

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    Exclamation DBx "Unknown device."

    I bought Chanalyzer 5 recently and used for the first time this week on-site. Upon running the upgrade the program showed that there was no Wi-Spy attached.

    Looking in Device Manager, there is now "Unknown Device" listed. Thinking that it was an update error and doing a restore, the problem remained.

    I have now tried my DBx on five other PCs but the problem remains. All was fine until I bought, and installed the latest Chanalyzer 5. Not happy at all as I couldn't use this at a high profile A list client this week, as it failed, on-site, after I had updated the program. Not good. I had to use my RFExplorer to get me out of trouble.

    W7 Pro Device Manager also shows this

    "This device is disabled because the firmware of the device did not give it the required resources. (Code 29)"

    What's happened here?
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    Please open a support ticket at
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