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    Got a nice shiny hi-spec router. When I directly connect, I get excellent BB speed (excellent for me that is - living in the sticks in Cambridge). The upside is that there is very little cross-channel contamination.

    However, something is blatting my 2.4 signal so I only get a third of the speed on wifi. The 5gb spectrum is fairly good so it seems like the age-old problem of a dirty transmitter in the house. I've disconnected all the usual stuff like wireless bridges, Apple TV etc.

    I remembered my old Wi-Spy dongle and D/L'd the most recent software. All up and running and I now have visibility of "stuff" going on around me. The problem is that although I see a lot of mush around the channel we are using, I cannot see anything untoward. There seems to be plenty of yellow spikes dancing around but I have no idea what they are. Unfortunately, none of the traces match the examples in the app so I am now stumped as to what I am looking at and how to interpret all the graphs and colours.

    In short, is there a tutorial that focusses on C/L? I would love to maximize my (elderly!!) investment and track down the radio culprit.


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    Have you looked at the Metageek support pages here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ua549 View Post
    Have you looked at the Metageek support pages here?
    I took a look but didn't look too deeply as it looked as though the info was for the high-end products, not my "lite" product. I'll go back for another look.



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