Hello fellow Geeks,

I'm fairly new to this RF analytics stuff. I have a client who keeps complaining about wifi issues. The access points we've installed (meraki MR24) have built in wifi analyzers and I try'd using them. I can spot problem channels and can shuffle them around as needed. I spent some time with customer service and they told me it looks like environmental interference.

What metageek tools can I use to pinpoint the source of the interference? Like can I accomplish finding the source of my RF woes with the Scan + Troubleshoot inSSIDer package? or do I really need to spend 1500 bucks on the Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer 5 set up?

I don't do many big jobs. Most of my jobs are High end apartments in the city and an occasional giant house in the Hamptons.

Thanks for the help and may the force be with you.