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Thread: Need help with slow wifi

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    Default Need help with slow wifi

    In a substantial sized house with 3 access points (meraki MR24). Every night I seem to be getting really bad wifi speeds. today did some detective work with WiSpy and chanalyzer.

    So let me explain what's going on here. At the bottom I was having major issues with interference. I then moved into a different room about 10 feet away and that's where you see the band sort of narrow. Then I changed the AP's channel and all seemed to quit down.

    Can someone walk me through what they believe is happening here? Also every night this happens and changing the channel seems to fix it. The catch is that it's never consistent.

    For example I'll be on channel 6 and using the built in spectrum analyzer on the WAP I can see channel 6 has become noisy so I'll move to channel 1 and everything is fine. The next night Channel 1 is noisy and I'll move to 6 or 11 and that fixes it until the next day. I've activated auto channel per meraki's instructions but the problem is the APs won't auto change if something is latched onto it (which is a huge design flaw IMO). I can't play baby sister to these access points and manually force an auto change when a channel gets congested.

    What could be causing this?

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    I see two signatures here, just by looking at the navigation waterfall.

    First, it looks like there is consistent Wi-Fi activity on channel 6. By the halfway point in the recording, it looks like it quieted down.

    Second, it looks like the Wi-Fi activity pretty much stopped. In the section that you have selected, we see less than 10 percent utilization on channels 6 and 11.

    For a more through analysis, open up a support ticket with us at We'd be more than happy to take a look. Be sure to check out this crash course video too. I think it will really help you understand what you are seeing in the recording.



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