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Thread: Help deciphering blue blob

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    Default Help deciphering blue blob

    So my WAP has a built in Spectrum analyzer and it's showing something going down on channel 8

    I then look at Chanalyzer and it doesn't seem like channel 8 is a big deal.

    Am I missing something. Sorry NEWBie here. I did watch the crash coarse video.

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    The curve shapes are made by 802.11b networks, or 802.11g/n networks that are transmitting at 802.11b rates (usually management overhead when a network is idling and not really moving any data).

    The blue color tells is that there is less than 10 percent utilization. Even though we can see shapes, it is relatively quiet.

    As for the discrepancy between Wi-Spy and the spectrum analyzer on the AP, they might be two different types of spectrum analyzer. Wi-Spy is a swept-tuned spectrum analyzer, and I'm not sure what type is on the AP. It could be a real-time FFT, which is a bit better at picking up fast bursts, but the amplitude won't be as accurate.
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