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Thread: Installing DBX

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    Default Installing DBX

    Hi everyone.

    It feels nice to be doing the first post to this forum!

    I just purhcased chanalyzer 5 and I cant seem to enter my key.

    I notice there are 2 download links.
    1 - (this link comes from
    2 -

    The installers are very different. 1 doesnt seem to work on winodws 8.1 x64 2 wont let me click the register button when I enter my key.

    I have tried a clean install of windows. there are only drivers... none ofthose 'let me help you manage your wireless' applications that come with a lap top. it's oem and windows update with me as a local admin (no virus protection even)

    any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi Steve,

    Can you open up a support ticket? That would be the best way for us to resolve this issue. You can contact us here.


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