In November 2013, we released Chanalyzer 5, which replaced Chanalyzer 4. It has a ton of great new features, including:

  • Wi-Fi scanning supports 802.11ac
  • Waterfall navigation is standard (not just for Pro users anymore! Awesome!)
  • Outdoor color scheme
  • Dual-band visibility with two Wi-Spy devices
  • Simultaneous dual-band with a single Wi-Spy DBx
  • MetaCare software assurance plan (includes 1 year of free updates, extensible for about $100 a year)
  • Physical and logical radio grouping
  • Waterfall notes
  • Cisco and Aruba AP names
  • Custom AP aliases
  • Automatic 2-hour session splitting

It is a paid upgrade, so you'll need a Chanalyzer 5 key to activate it, but seriously, look at that list. It's a huge upgrade.

Upgrade paths from Chanalyzer 4 to Chanalyzer 5 are available for a limited time! You can check out upgrade options here. If you have any questions about the upgrade process, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, if you want to discuss Chanalyzer 5, the forum subsection for it is located here.