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Thread: duplicate networks shown (different channels same MAC)

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    Default duplicate networks shown (different channels same MAC)

    Hi all,

    I've been having issues with wifi connectivity for some time , I have not introduced any changes that could have caused this. I installed inSSIDer on a Samsung laptop running windows 8.1 and my network is shown as two (same name , two channels one is 2 and other is 6 , both showing the router MAC address) , I'm un able to connect to the internet on this laptop because of this and it seems the same issue is causing intermittent disconnects on my iphone.
    the weird thing is that I installed the same inSSIDer on another laptop and the problem is not present , so I'm only seeing one instance of the network with no connectivity issue on this old HP running windows vista.

    I checked router (Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N running DD-WRT) setting to make sure there are no guest networks and although I have not come across any but if it was a router issue then I should be able to see both networks on the two laptops so it must got to do with something on the Samsung laptop however I'm unable to explain the intermittent disconnection on the iphone !!

    any help ?

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    Check to make sure that you have not configured a wide, 40 MHz channel on your router.
    Wide channels are not recommended on the 2.4 GHz band.
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