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Thread: Old version 1.2 - where to get software

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    Default Old version 1.2 - where to get software


    A long time ago, I purchased one of the early versions of the WiSpy - the box say version 1.2

    Which version of the Chanalyzer could I download - and where do I get it?

    Thanks in advance.


    UPDATE - Working version found:

    (Just in case anyone ends up in the same Question as I)

    Case closed.

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    Oops, sorry that we couldn't reply quick enough. Thanks for posting the results! Someone landing here from Google will be very thankful.

    Chanalyzer Lite and Chanalyzer 2 are available here (Wi-Spy Original and 2.4i).

    Chanalyzer 4, Pro, and 5 are all available here (Wi-Spy 900x, 2.4x, and DBx).

    inSSIDer Office is available here (Wi-Spy Mini, 2.4x, and DBx).


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