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Thread: Eye P.A. Showing Channel 155?

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    Default Eye P.A. Showing Channel 155?

    I have an EnGenius ECB1750 that supports dual-band 802.11ac. For some reason when running a capture on the channel it says it is using (149), Eye PA captures the packets but attributes them to channel "155", resulting in an "Unscanned Channel" warning under analysis. Chanalyzer shows it covering channel 149-155.

    Is there something simple I am missing here? I can give my detail on the WAP, including chanalyzer recordings and the pcap if needed.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Great question! I think this has something to do with the new 802.11ac channel numbering scheme, but to be sure, can you post a screenshot from Chanalyzer, and maybe the configuration page on your router?


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