We have a 35 down and 10 upload package from my ISP. Anytime i use wifi, i only get approx 4 down. Using a wire i see 35 down with bursts of 38 down. I have multiple AP's: 1 cisco 1220 and a cisco small business wap4410n. Any wireless device sees only 4-5 down. I have a sonicwall as the firewall/router (i have called them and had them look at the device only for them to tell me it is NOT a sonicwall issue and i can somewhat see what they are saying since any other wired device see 35-38 down). My wiring in the wall is rather old (installed before 5e even existed) but i have connected many wireless devices straight to the switch with 5e and still see the poor throughput. I have changed ethernet cable, changed the wireless and switch ports from auto to 100/full, i have plugged other different wireless devices into the network and had the same results. I have had cisco replace the wap4410n, same issue. Today, i just replaced the 1220 with a unifi AP, same throughput issue. I run inSSIDer 2.x to see the channels and signal. 1 AP is on channel 1 and the other on channel 6. Channel 1 and 6 has 2 other devices running on that channel. The only thing left is interference. I have had this network since 2001 and when i noticed the poor throughput, i upgraded to the DOCSIS 3 and 35/10 package. I have also put a wireless device straight into the modem with an available public ip and still see the same poor throughput. I called my ISP and had them look at it and they tell me it is NOT a ISP/modem issue. I even had them replace the modem with the same results. I am in dire need of some wireless assistance to see where this problems is. can anyone help?