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    Question WiFi Channel changes

    I have a Cisco router, I am using Acrylic to investigate poor reception in some rooms of m apartments. I can see that there are 4 users showing up, my RSSI is -45 which I think is good. There is another network using channel 11, my network says I am using channel 11 + 7 which is the bit I don't get. I have read the instructions from Cisco for my router but I am worried what will happen if I change it from Auto to a manual setting (eg Channel 6) but I don't understand most of the settings that are associated with the channel. Anyone help?

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    Channel 11 + 7 indicates that bonded (40 MHz) channels are configured. That is not recommended because it consumes most of the 2.4 GHz band which creates lots of interference. 20 MHz channel width is configured in the access point.
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