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Thread: wifi extender on xfinity public access point

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    Default wifi extender on xfinity public access point

    I'm kind of new to wifi stuff and I've never used a wifi extender. Before I buy one I would like to know if what I want to do is even possible.

    What I want is: I want to use an extender to boost the signal from an xfinity public access AP. I have an xfinity account so I can log in to the AP if I am close enough to it (standing on the edge of the balcony outside my office). I don't know where this AP is located and I don't have any info such as MAC address or other ID numbers for the AP.
    Does the AP broadcast those numbers?
    Will it be possible for me to use a wifi extender to boost this signal into my office without knowing anything about the access point?



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    An AP transmits its mac address along with other pertinent communication details in a management frame called a beacon. Use a tool such as inSSIDer to view information about your wifi environment. An extender can work if it is in range of both the originating AP and your devices. Using an extender will cut the bandwidth in half. One can be configured from the information contained in the AP beacon. Here is a bit of further info about beacons.
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