Hi there, Im new to networking so trying to figure out how to get a better, stronger signal in my home. I currently get no signal in the kitchen where I want to move my PC to. In one bedroom I get a better signal from my neighbours router than my own. The house is all on one level (bar the basement). Router is in the middle of the house but it is an old Victorian house with a huge (sealed up) concrete staircase in the middle. It's the rooms behind this that get a poor signal. But the rooms at the front also get poor signal. If i sit right at the window for example, signal drops to nothing. Out in the small garden, nothing. It's very frustrating and Sky (ISP) have assuredme its my home, nothing can be done. I disagree.
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I am SKY in those images. Should I use a different channel or use two channels? I'm considering getting a booster. I've taken these reading sin the best spot of my home and as you can see at times, the neighbours still get a better signal than me. If it was the house that was causing the problem then how come my neighbours (in the same thick-walled old building) are picking up better signals than me?

In my old house i got a signal at the bottom of my street, five houses away. I had invested in a better router. Will this make a huge difference? Im using Skys standard router.

Thanks for any tips or advice, if any more info needed pls ask.