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Thread: Need a London Based tech to diagnose EMI

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    Default Need a London Based tech to diagnose EMI

    Hi Everyone,

    I live in London, and my flat is a dead-spot for everything wireless. I have a kick-ass WiFi router, and if I'm > 5m away then I lose signal. This has been the same with all other WiFi routers I've tried, both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz. Also, mobile phones from every network I've tried refuse to work unless I'm near a window. (O2, Vodafone, 3... Samsung S3, S5, Apple 5s) I'm VERY central in London, and outside my door I get great reception... so it's not like I'm lacking in coverage, plus the fact that my WiFi source is getting messed with makes me think of something local.

    I figure that I've got some large EMI source inside, but I can't find it... which I suspect someone with a directional antenna would pick up pretty quickly. So if you're in London, and want to help me find my problem (and earn some 's), then please PM me with your details.


    Islington, London, N5

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    Are you in an building that might have wire mesh plaster lath? It can act as a Faraday cage.
    I once lived in such a house where radio signals couldn't penetrate any walls.
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    No mesh that I'm aware of, just standard brickwork covered in 100-ish year old plaster. I did some re-plastering in one part of the flat, and never found mesh or metal of any description.

    The weird thing is that I can see 17 access points from my PC, but throughput to mine (which I've swapped for 3 different brands) is frequently awful, and not enough to maintain a Skype conversation. I've got a Virgin cable modem (100/6 Mbit) with an external TP-LINK Access Point, plus a Post Office ADSL modem/access point as a backup. Both suffer equally.

    For work, I use an Ethernet cable as I can't tolerate the latency and packet loss with my WiFi... but it's just getting silly when I'm sitting in the kitchen of a small inner-London flat and can't use my mobile due to no signal. <sigh>

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    Have you examined the wifi signals using a tool such as inSSIDer?

    It will give you some insight regarding signal strength, congestion, etc. before embarking on an in-depth and more expensive undertaking.
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    Hi ua549,

    Yes, I did some analysis with an old version... but that was a while back. Nothing untoward was found, except a high concentration of Access Points. This is why I went to 5GHz, but that didn't seem to fix it. Either my walls are made of lead, or there's a large EMI source somewhere inside my house.


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    Very nice, it makes me understand more.
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