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    Default Where is link score

    I just purchased inSSIDer home and i was reading about how to diagnose my network. I read about starring your network, looking at your link score etc
    i cant find any of these features in the software


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    Its not making a channel recommendation either

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    Are you sure you didn't purchase Inssider 4? Inssider for Home in not a current MetaGeek product.
    To view channel recommendations simply click the Physical button (upper left) and then click the radio of interest.
    Old Mod by the Sea

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    Yes, you are right inSSIDer 4

    Thanks for the tip about recommendations!
    Did they do away with link score?

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    Yes they did.
    Old Mod by the Sea

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    Why? It was a very useful metric for choosing a network, choosing antenna location/orientation etc


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