In my pcap file, obtained with tcpdump on a monitor interface on channel 36 HT80, I see where wlan_mgt.vht.op.channelcenter0 is 42 but the is 5180 or channel 36 which corresponds to the primary channel of the AP also set for channel 36 HT80.

The Eye P.A. Analysis tab says the capture is on an unscanned channel and cannot be accurately analyzed and to packet capture on channel 42 instead, but as far as I can tell this cannot be done because the monitor interface cannot be set to a center channel. My choices for setting the monitor interface are limited to primary channels: 36,40,44,48 etc...

It would be useful to be able to obtain the summary pie chart that the analysis tab provides when the primary channel and center channel are the same as in HT20 analysis.

I don't know if this is a problem with radiotap or with eye pa in analyzing >HT20 pcaps, but I would be grateful if you would take a look at the pcap and let me know what you think.