This is my first post to the forum. Just recently started using the Metageek products insider Office and Chanalyzer - great stuff and great guys to work with both on the sales and support side.

I was at my local library the other day and had my laptop with me so decided to fire up insider Office to see what their wireless environment looked like. It was terrible. They broadcast 2 SSID's one called "staff wireless" (which is protected) and another called "library" which is open. From the info inSSIDer showed they are using routers from a company called Senao which I have to say is a new one on me. They must have multiple APs operating on 2.4GHz only since inSSIDer shows 4 active SSID/channel assignments 2 for "staff wireless" and 2 for "library.

Both "staff wireless" APs are set up for 40MHz operation one using channels 1 + 5 the other using 3 + 7. It's not a large space and the signal strengths from where I was sitting (not far from the desk) were -54db and -60db. So they must be creating an awful lot of noise for each other depending on which AP's actually have clients attached to them.

One of the "library AP's was set up for 20 MHz operation using channel 11 with a signal strength of -52db. The other set up for 40MHz operation using channel 9 + 5 at a signal strength of -67db.

What puzzled me (other than why anyone would set things up this way) was that the physical view of things in inSSIDer did not show the "staff wireless" AP running on channels 1 + 5. Just the one on channels 3 + 7. It did show the mac address ending in Fx which implies virtual SSID's are in use. But I thought that would mean both would be using the same channel assignment.

So my questions are:

1. Can you have virtual ID's using different channels in the same AP (is this a Senao feature)? Or am I misunderstanding something (which is more likely).

2. Why does inSSIDer not display both virtual SSID's on the physical view if they are using different channels?

Attaching a couple of screen shots.


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