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Thread: 2.4GHz interference from HP Laptop

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    Default 2.4GHz interference from HP Laptop

    Hi All,

    I found a very interesting interference source the other day.

    A 40% interference for one hour alert was triggered and when we opened up Chanalyzer on location we saw this interference. The second is from the floor below the source. It's a very interesting signal with a basic hump or mound shape with distinct detents at the 9 10 and 11 channels.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Using the device finder we tracked it to a grad students backpack in their cubical.

    After tracking down the student we had them move the backpack and take out his HP Laptop. It was unquestionably the source of the interference.

    The laptop was in sleep mode and as soon as he had it resume back to the desktop the signal disappeared.

    It looks a little like wireless video but the student said they didn't have any idea what it could have been and that they hadn't set up anything that could have affected their wireless performance.

    I thought it was odd as I hadn't heard of laptops in standby being a potential source of interference.
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    Thanks for posting! That is the signature that 802.11b data rates (1, 2, 5.5, and 11 mbps) usually make. I have seen bad chipsets do this before but it is really, really rare. You probably aren't responsible for fixing the machine, but I'd try updating the drivers, and if that doesn't work, swapping out the Wi-Fi adapter for a new one.


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