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Thread: Confidence Threshold in Chanalyzer

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    Default Confidence Threshold in Chanalyzer

    Hi, does anyone know if the Master confidence threshold and confidence threshold for individual identifiers still exists in Chanalyzer 5?
    We have multiple versions of Chanalyzer running of different technician laptops, and the one I am now using has version This feature is not there and I don't see any option to turn it on.


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    Waiting for Answer.

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    The Master Confidence Threshold was part of our Automatic Device Classification feature in Chanalyzer Pro, and older versions of Chanalyzer 5.

    In our usability testing with customers, we found that the feature gave too many false positives and confused users, telling them that interference was present, even when it was not. In short, we didn't feel that our Automatic Device Classification feature was good enough to be a MetaGeek product, so we removed it from subsequent releases of Chanalyzer 5.

    If you have any further questions about this, be sure to let us know. Thanks!


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