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    The attached file is a scan recently done at a remote site. Presently there is no wifi even close by. This at a remote NM ranch site. The peaks march across the chart left to right in a repeating pattern. Any idea what I got here?
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    The signals look like ZigBee (802.15.4). The signals align with ZigBee channels in the 2.4 GHz band. That said ZigBee usually operates on 915 MHz in the US and 2.4 GHz elsewhere. Typically ZigBee is used in home automation applications. Learn more at
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    I had thought that too. But as I watch the real time waterfall and the channels the activity appears to start at the low freqs. and advance to the higher freqs. and then start over again and again. I take this to mean the unknown device is channel hoping and I understand that Zigbee does not channel hop. The waterfall frame shows a rather spiral looking image that repeats and the freqs. change.

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    That leaves Bluetooth. ZigBee uses DSSS spread spectrum. That is, it transmits on all channels rather than frequency hop (FHSS) spread spectrum as Bluetooth does. I can't differentiate between the two in your wsx file. I don't deal with ZibBee in my environment. Have you used a directional antenna (device finder) with your Wi Spy?
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