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Thread: High Link Score, but poor connection quality.

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    Default High Link Score, but poor connection quality.

    Greetings. Having an internet problem that's pretty much exactly what the topic says on the tin. I didn't know where to properly post this since the InSSIDer subforum only has 2, 3, 4, and Office, while I have InSSIDer Home.

    Normally, the wi-fi in the house has been relatively good. The Up/Down speeds have never been anything spectacular (between 1-2mbps), but overall the speed has been fine. Even with many many devices connected to it (there are four of us in the house, and everyone has a computer and phone that is connected to the access point, as well as two tablets), it's never been noticeably laggy or slow; maybe a random lag hiccup here and there at worst.

    But over the past few days, we've been experiencing terrible lag spikes that occasionally slow things down to a crawl; most noticeably when I'm gaming, things can be fine for some minutes, and then completely unplayable for the next few. Today has been the worst so far. The lag spikes weren't as hard, but the connection was laggy 100% of the time, so even thoguh the lag was weaker, it made things even more impossible to play. What's more is that it has significantly slowed down even basic web browsing; even trying to watch a simple video on YouTube was a chore.

    On a normal day, our link score is between 70-80, with 83 being the peak if memory serves. Even as I type this, it's 83 for now. For some reason whenever I change channels there are other networks in the local area that "follow" me; I can change to channel 11 when there's no network on it, but after a bit there'll suddenly be four when there should only be two (our access point and our signal booster). Switching again will still have these extra networks "follow" me after some time delay.

    Is there some other kind of reason or explanation for these suddenly very poor connection speeds that I'm missing? If everyone in this house can be on the wi-fi at the same time (with multiple devices using it) and the speed is unaffected, then I can only assume that something else is messing with it when nothing on our end has changed.

    We have an old Verizon router from before we moved last year, but the house we're in has had Charter as the ISP ever since.

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    Hi Emerald,

    Have you tested to see if only wireless devices are effected? Do any of your hardwired devices experience lag as well? If new wireless networks are being discovered that weren't there shortly ago but are now then you could be experiencing co-channel interference or adjacent channel interference from neighboring access points. Changing the channel to 1, 6 or 11 is a valid step but wont always fix the issue. Let us know more about the wired vs wireless devices. I am curious to know if they behave the same.


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    Everyone here uses a laptop except myself (Still have one, but desktop is my main machine), so we've never gotten any Ethernet cables to wire into the router in the first place, so I can't check that end of it. The mystery networks that I have no idea where they're from have always been there, but I don't know why they "follow" me whenever I hop to a different channel. They also never used to cause lag like we've been sporadically experiencing this week (or all day, in regards to yesterday).

    Today seems to be back to a better day where things aren't ridiculously laggy, but since this is an on/off situation, I wanna keep going here and see if we still can't find the issue.

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    Just putting this here so I don't need to keep the tab open in case someone asks. This was the reported diagnosis on the day of really bad lag.

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    It is possible that the networks that "follow" are related to your own network. What are the mac addresses of the networks? Post a screen shot.
    BTW - attachment 1124 is invalid.
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    Attempting to re-post the image.

    As for the other networks, this is the range that I'm currently looking at:

    There's usually a fourth network on the same channel as mine (currently channel 11), but it seems to be undetected at the moment I took the SS.

    Edit: one more screenshot because this is the most crowded I've ever seen it, and it's still missing that second "follow" network to make four signals an channel 11.

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    I presume that you are concerned about SSID HRYT9 and/or HRYT9_RE. Check the router configuration for a guest access point.
    In addition the signals on channels 1, 6 & 11 with a suppressed SSID all have the same MAC address. MAC addresses must be unique.
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    Yeah, HRYT9 and _RE is our house network; the router and the signal booster. I don't see anything about a guest point anywhere in the configuration.

    And what does that mean for the nameless networks? (And all the extra networks in general)

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    Means that they are not broadcasting the SSID. You'll notice that the networks that don't have a name all start with the same Mac address. The same AP must be broadcasting these networks.

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    Is there something I can/should be doing about these networks? Or do I just have to accept their existence?

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