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Thread: High Link Score, but poor connection quality.

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    Yes but its not always an easy task. If your neighbor is broadcasting these wireless networks you could ask them to turn the power down on their AP as its potentially smothering your wireless network with interference. In turn but Not recommended is to increase the power on your AP if possible. This is a bullying method but could provide better coverage to your devices. This likely wont fix the issue either. When the issue occurs how many devices are connected at one time? Are they all newer devices that support Wireless-N? If your AP is capable of disabling Mixed mode which supports B or G devices this in turn only allows Wireless N devices to connect which allows them to all speak the same language essentially. Having B or G devices mixed in causes the network throughput to slows to B or G speeds and your wireless N devices to wait on them to finish talking to the AP. Moderator ua549 mentioned in another post wifi-extender cuts bandwidth in half when used. This should be taken into consideration as well. What is the Make and Model of your AP? Based on your mac address it appears to be a Actiontec & AmpedWireless? I may be able to suggest what settings/parameters it supports to help stabilize and increase performance of your wireless network.
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