Greetings. Having an internet problem that's pretty much exactly what the topic says on the tin. I didn't know where to properly post this since the InSSIDer subforum only has 2, 3, 4, and Office, while I have InSSIDer Home.

Normally, the wi-fi in the house has been relatively good. The Up/Down speeds have never been anything spectacular (between 1-2mbps), but overall the speed has been fine. Even with many many devices connected to it (there are four of us in the house, and everyone has a computer and phone that is connected to the access point, as well as two tablets), it's never been noticeably laggy or slow; maybe a random lag hiccup here and there at worst.

But over the past few days, we've been experiencing terrible lag spikes that occasionally slow things down to a crawl; most noticeably when I'm gaming, things can be fine for some minutes, and then completely unplayable for the next few. Today has been the worst so far. The lag spikes weren't as hard, but the connection was laggy 100% of the time, so even thoguh the lag was weaker, it made things even more impossible to play. What's more is that it has significantly slowed down even basic web browsing; even trying to watch a simple video on YouTube was a chore.

On a normal day, our link score is between 70-80, with 83 being the peak if memory serves. Even as I type this, it's 83 for now. For some reason whenever I change channels there are other networks in the local area that "follow" me; I can change to channel 11 when there's no network on it, but after a bit there'll suddenly be four when there should only be two (our access point and our signal booster). Switching again will still have these extra networks "follow" me after some time delay.

Is there some other kind of reason or explanation for these suddenly very poor connection speeds that I'm missing? If everyone in this house can be on the wi-fi at the same time (with multiple devices using it) and the speed is unaffected, then I can only assume that something else is messing with it when nothing on our end has changed.

We have an old Verizon router from before we moved last year, but the house we're in has had Charter as the ISP ever since.