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Thread: Chanalyzer started showing odd 5ghz output

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    Default Chanalyzer started showing odd 5ghz output

    Just recently 5ghz shows usage across all channels its the same at different locations.
    Such as My house, a client, and at my office.

    utilization at -100dbm is where it shows up.

    Attached is a capture.
    Any thoughts?


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    Weak background noise. Don't worry about it.
    Old Mod by the Sea

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    Yea. its pretty weak. but it just started.. I have been using this setup for a few months now and just now am seeing it.

    I'n not worried about it but just curious.
    Thank you for the reply.

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    Are you using it on the same laptop in all these locations?

    Is your laptop the source of this interference?

    You could try putting the chanalyzer on a long usb extension and putting it on the other side of a solid wall or whatever could isolate it from your laptop.


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