First time poster here (and thank you for all the other posts to everyone - all good information).

I have seen quite a lot of strange different things in the wireless spectrums, but this one is a "headscratcher" for me.

There seems to be several small (small bandwidth) signals present.
Just below the center channel of 36, above channel 64 and about one at the start and end of channel 52. (and two faint ones above 36 and almost just center of 48).

If you set the utilization sensitivity at -95 dbm it is very easy to spot the ones below 36 and the ones above 64.

But the question is .. what could these signals be ?
Are these radar signals ? - The reason I ask is that the customers APs are doing excessive DFS on channels 52 to 64.

(PS: I have now moved several km away from the customer's site, in a hotel in the same town, and it appears that the signal is still there - do I have a spectrum analyzer hardware failure ?)

Any suggestions ?