In my 'Eye P.A.' captures (with different customers), the 'Effective Data Rate' seems often very low.

In the 'User Guide', it is defined as:
"Effective Data Rate - The average data rate achieved between the client and access point conversation"
"The effective data rate reflects the data frames transferred to and from a BSSID and client. *Eye P.A. takes the total bytes transferred and divides it by the total air time. *The air time for each frame is calculated by dividing the bytes in the payload by the data rate for that frame."

With the same Eye PA capture, my iPerf test indicates 'throughputs data rate' of 50 to 60 Mb/s and "Effective Data Rate" of 6.5 Mb/s.

In my research, I've now realized that 'Effective Data Rate' and 'throughput data rate' are not the same despite sharing the same units.

In literature and in the field, I've witness these terms used interchangeably. I'm wondering if someone would be so kind to sort out these concepts with a more developed definition (with examples would be nice).