I just had to post to say how upset I am that inSSIDer 4 is no longer available to purchase.

I was always a fan of the Free version of inSSIDer.
And was so sad when it was no longer available. Although I did like version 2 more than 3.

A while ago I decided that once I'd saved enough money to buy a new laptop. I'd buy inSSider 4 to go on it.
But money has been tight lately. And it's going to be quite a while before I can afford a new laptop. So I started thinking about buying inSSider 4 anyway, for the old Vista 32 bit laptop that I already have. I visited metageek.com no more than 2 weeks ago. had a look and thought. Yep! In the next few weeks I'll get InSSIDer 4.
I've just got Fibre Optic Broadband. But have always had a neighbour that likes to attack my wifi. Taking my channel, overlapping my channel, using 2.4GHz on 40 mhz etc.
Yesterday I went to metageek.com again, with the intention of buying inSSIDer 4.
What A Shock To discover I was just a little to late.
inSSIDer Office is expensive
Now I'll have to save for that too!
So now I really will have to wait until I've saved enough money for a new laptop.

Very Sad!