Hi there,

I need to extend the WiFi signal from my house to my Mother-in-law's house which is about 50' away from the location I plan to place an omni antenna. I also plan on building a shop on my property at some point in the future which will be about 150 - 200 feet away from the antenna location. Both locations are line of sight. You can see the layout of our property and also the areas I need to have covered on the attached photos.

The cable modem/router/WiFi box I'm using is in an upstairs expandable area and is in an ARRIS TG-862G/CT 802.11N unit and it has no connections other than Ethernet (and WiFi of course)

I've been looking out on the TP-Link site at their products and but I'm not sure what components (other than an antenna) I really need. My thought is to attach a network cable from a router port and run it through the attic (about 70' I suspect) to the southeast corner of the house (orange circle), where I plan to mount the antenna so it is very close to the MIL house and also directly in line with the area the shop will be built. (See 2nd picture) I presume there's some other device that is needed to connect from the Ethernet cable to the antenna since they seem to use a screw in connector.

My questions are:
- Does this look like the best place to mount the antenna?
- Which antenna would be recommended for this application?
- What other components do I need in addition to the antenna itself?
- What other companies besides TP-Link offer products of this type?
- Where to find mounting masts that I could attach to the side of the house and extend beyond the soffit to get the antenna out away from the house?
- Do I need to place another antenna on the MIL house or on the shop when it is built?

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