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Thread: What is MetaCare?

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    Default What is MetaCare?

    MetaCare is MetaGeek’s software maintenance subscription. When you purchase a Chanalyzer 5 license, it comes with one free year of MetaCare.

    What do you get with MetaCare?

    • Feature updates
    • Bug fixes
    • Technical support

    When your MetaCare subscription expires, you can still use your current version, but you won't be able to upgrade to get the latest software features until you renew.

    You can renew your MetaCare subscription here.

    For more information on MetaCare, please check out our FAQs on our Knowledge Base.

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    I have renewed my Metacare with success.

    the message with an alarming red color that appears in the Application is inelegant, I suggest that it be replaced with something more discreet, seems that I had software in trial mode for my clients.

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    Thanks for sharing, I'm also looking for it

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    Thank you for your sharing. You helped me better understand MetaCare

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    Is it just me who feels like this is an ad?
    Nevermind for it is an old thread.


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