Hi guys,

I am very new to this. We are a till company down in Cornwall UK and we have a restaurant that always has a problem with there handheld devices losing connection to the wifi and as you can imagine if this happens when they are very busy it becomes a nightmare.

So there IT company could not fix the problem so we went out a bought a Wi-Spy so we can try and find out whats going on.

This looks to be an IR Sensor (they do have a few doted around but they do not seem to have a big impact on the network from the looks of it

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Then we got them to turn on all there kitchen equipment to simulate them at a busy lunch/dinner.

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As you can see the microwaves they have have a massive impact on the network.

What would be the best action to take? faulty kitchen equipment? or best just to move them to 5G?

Kind regards