I have been chasing an issue here for a couple of months. To be honest, I did not really recognize it prior to the Windows 10 Creator's update, but I can't verify this for sure. I know a lot of folks had networking problems after the Creator's update. I'm not sure if my issue pertains to that or if it is a coincidence.

I am running a Windows 10 Pro machine with a Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter. I am also using a Linksys E1200 Wireless N router which is updated to the latest firmware. I have a MAC Address filter for only allowing certain wireless devices to connect and also use WPA2-Personal security on top of that for added security.

My internet speeds in all actuality are somewhere around 50 Mbps from Comcast cable.

The problem I am having is that my network connectivity speed will consistently drop down to 5.5 Mbps, verified through Window's Control Panel. This is not using a speed test online through my browser, but rather viewing the WiFi status window through Network and Sharing in control panel. Due to this issue, I am always checking. I can tell when it drops because streaming videos will stop/start and web pages will take longer to load.

I have unchecked that Windows can set my Broadcom WiFi card to sleep to save power, and I have tried messing around with the advanced settings in device manager for the Broadcom WiFi card.

I first started resetting my Linksys E1200 WiFi router, which would correct the problem. I was also tweaking with the settings, changing the channel number, or just leaving it on AUTO. That really makes no difference. The Linksys E1200 is also set to 20/40 mhz auto, but seems to settle on 20 mhz in the Linksys system status. I also have my Linksys E1200 set to N Only so that it is not in mixed mode.

However, recently I am not so sure that the problem necessarily lies with the Linksys router. I can disconnect/reconnect my Desktop computer from the network, and/or disable/enable the WiFi card and the speeds will increase back up to 72 Mbps. In the past I did see this connection speed maxing out at 150 Mbps but I have not seen that speed in more than a few weeks now.

Basically, once the speed drops to 5.5 Mbps it will not go back up unless I disconnect and reconnect to the network.

In my home, I pretty much only have 7 devices connected to the network via WiFi. This includes my desktop computer, cell phone, WiFi thermostat, and 4 WiFi security cameras. Unfortunately, nothing is connected to the router via Ethernet cable due to the layout of the home and the location of the WiFi devices.

Is my Router dying or is it something with my Broadcom WiFi card? I was thinking about upgrading to a dual-band router, maybe even with Wireless AC, but I wasn't sure if that would fix the problem. Obviously, the dual band network with 5 Ghz connectivity might benefit me but Wireless AC wouldn't since I do not have any Wireless AC compatible devices at the moment.

Please let me know what you think is going on. It is very frustrating, as I have to disconnect/reconnect VERY often. It has almost become second nature for me when I am using my desktop computer.

PS, I just noticed that my desktop is currently connected at 5.5 Mbps. inSSIDer Home is currently giving me a link score of 100! That is the highest I have ever seen it. Normally it is around a score of 80! inSSIDer also says that my max rate should be 144 Mbps! -52 dBm signal, no co-channels and no overlapping channels either.


Here's something else I just noticed. I was watching a youtube video and it briefly stopped so I checked my connection status in control panel. I was connected at 144 Mbps but the signal strength was NO bars. I wonder if it attempted to switch over to 40 Mhz or something. Either way, it went back down to 72 Mbps with full signal strength bars. Still doesn't explain the drop to 5.5 Mbps which will be coming eventually.