We have a lot of wifi signal interference in the back of one office, by the windows (NYC, with a back courtyard facing lots of other tall buildings-easily 75 networks on a scan). We don't need a signal outside and we certainly don't need external signals coming in. But we like the windows, so we don't want to completely dim them with high light filtering. I've looked around, but I keep coming to EMF-sensitive sales sites which of course make me feel like anything on the site is questionable, even if it does seem like it might be correct (why would I believe technical info from people who don't believe technical info?). Anyone got a recommendation on a reasonably priced product or vendor? Or is there some key info I should be on the look out to help make a better choice regarding the signal blocking for wifi? Of course any other options for improving the signal are appreciated as well (we are using 3x UBNT AC Pro (v2) APs to cover two floors, at the front and back of the top floor and in the middle of the floor below).

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