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    Is it true that anyone can experience that their IP address can be used elsewhere? because my previous IP address: was notified on my computer saying it has already been used. And there is a location that located and it's not my location, and far from my locaton too.
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    First, the IP address you show is public and can only be used once on the public internet.
    The IP address you linked to is private and can be used on all private networks.
    The 192.168/16 IP block cannot be routed over the public internet. It is often a default address for configuring a home router.
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    Yeah it's true that somebody can used your IP without your permission but by stealing your IP. You don't have any way to fix it. But the thing you can do is to investigate to uses your IP. First thing you can do if you have a PC. Open cmd and type IP configuration and find you IP. And then type arp-a and you can see IP displayed and different mac address. Then start to change your IP address. I it's not clear with you check to help you about your problem.


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