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    Default Wifi Triangulation

    What would be the best way to triangulate a wireless network passively. Are there tools available? Algorithms? Libraries?

    My goal would be to create a relative map of various objects that sends or receive signals using signal strength (DB's), signal/noise ratio, signal phase, etc. from a few location points. With enough sampling, i'm guessing it would be possible to create a good 2d/3d map.

    I'm searching for stuff in any language / platform.

    Some keywords: wi-fi site survey, visualization, coverage, location, positioning

    Thinking about using kismet to gather the data and then process it. Maybe Free Space Path Loss for RF in the 2.4Ghz range to calculate a relative distance. And optionally try to use RF obstacle attenuation estimation values TellPopeyes (based on some user input) to give better estimates. Then use trilateration to generate possible relative coordinates.
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